Friday, November 13, 2009

Banana Lovin

Did a little lunch time shopping at the newly remodeled Soho Banana Republic. It's nice and clean but a little crowded and narrow now, the upstairs mens section is more spacious and conducive to shopping. My favorite part about BR is their jewelry...they always surprise me with their vintage and classic feeling styles. But, since the jewelry section is a bit crowded now and there wasn't a sales person free to help me, I ended up walking off with the display ring due to my impatience. This Soho Curb Ring is my new fave's a bit rugged with the chain detail, but vintage ladylike with the rhinestones. And with the whole Gap Give and Get 30% off coupon going ring came out to a nice price less than $20! Luvs it...B

Got this free tote with my purchase!

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