Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We be Clubbin...

Did a little shopping with my coworker Michelle, she needed a dress for the wedding she's attending this weekend. We ended up at Club Monaco which was a total hit...she found an awesome silk dress for only $40 on sale! Who knew these little treasures would be found there...and of course, as you can see, I found some fun costume jewelry to play with while she tried stuff on. I'm totally crushing on the above cobra and panther bejeweled rings...although the panther is hard to make out, it's a total wannabe Cartier panther ring. The scarves were pretty cool as well...but they weren't long enough or thick enough for what I need for winter. And they are $109...that's a little too much, maybe $99 would be better, only two digits! Anyways...good times! xo, B

So cute...but I must say, my hand looks naked and chubby with a dainty little ring...ha!

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