Friday, November 20, 2009

What's in Your Bag?

What's in your bag? It's that time again, and I decided to hit up my friend Ris for some snooping around in her big bag. And after she dumped all the contents onto my desk, I was already like, I have that...oooh what's that? It's so much fun! And, Ris is seriously the sweetest girl, and a ton of fun to hang out with! I'll definitely owe her a drink for this one!

The bag

The Contents:
Ris's go to stuff in her bag...

Vincent Longo lip gloss

2 Clinique Vitamin C lip smoothie's (p.s.- they're great you should try them out)

NARS Lip gloss

Rosebud Slave- great chap stick

Benefit - concealer - boi-ing

Marc Jacobs- roll on perfume

MJ key chain-

Hat from Forever 21 only cost $4.50

Advil/Tylenol in case I get a massive headache

Nivea soft moisturizing cream for my hands, the best I have found to date

Bobby pins and hair clips for when my hair gets insanely frizzy

Band-aid, for annoying flats


T-Mobile Sidekick Slide- which I hate.. I want a new phone.

MJ- Wallet (don't remember the name)

Check book

Metro card and path card

A button to one of my coats


Pens- my fave pen is my Gelly Roll fine -- my sister bought it for me. I forget what store she got it at.

Deodorant - degree for when you I break a sweat and need to re-apply haha- (gross)

MJ Faridah purse - great purse, it holds everything

...Thanks Ris! I want to try the Nivea hand cream now, and the Clinique Vitamin C lip smoothies! xo, B

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