Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's all a Blur...

Enjoyed a totally random Friday night out for the Verizon Droid release party at a synagogue in the East Village where the Yeah Yeah Yeahs performed. The picture above is of Karen O, the lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and is all blurry and cool...which reads exactly like my night. The people I was with and the drinks and experience were all new and random. Out of the six of us that went, there were only two VIP passes that allowed access to free drinks and pseudo celebs...Adrien Grenier, Chace Crawford and my fave Christian Siriano. Which was particularly cool after seeing him on Oprah debuting his Spring collection and explaining what faboosh means to Ms. O herself. It was a little lackluster seeing celebs whore themselves out for a cell phone release party, they were just sitting there drinking like they were on display for us normal folks. So, between the six of us, we all kept going upstairs in pairs to get free drinks, and lean over the banister to get a better look at the concert. All in all, it was so much fun, and these blackberry pics are a total blur. Good times...B

Random snippet of the night

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