Monday, November 9, 2009


Had the best Sunday with Coops and Ahmed...we took a walk through the East Village enjoying the warm sunny weather and watching all the hipsters strip down to tank tops on this unusual November day. On our way back home we picked up lunch at Ess-a-Bagel, one of my go to bagel spots in the city...the key is to always buy whatever their fresh hot bagels are that just came out of the oven. In this case, it was the sesame and whole wheat everything bagels that were calling my name! It is most important to note that this is an authentic New York bagel shop, and the guys that work there are stereotypical New Yorkers. They are quick to dismiss and easily frustrated, know what you want, and order it in a steadfast manner. It's like the soup nazi, bagel style...and if you catch them around 9 or 10am on a Saturday or Sunday, come locked and loaded, lol. The bagels are definitely worth the pressure, with a chewy light bready inside, and all the spreads you can choose from. It's a little piece of heaven over on 1st Ave and 21st st...luvs it! xo, B

Quick peak in the bag

Before my whole wheat everything gets dressed up...

After, with light veggie cream cheese, onions, tomatoes and lox...yum!

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