Thursday, November 5, 2009

Break it Down

So I'm totally obsessed with my friend Ana's outfit today, from the necklace worn as a belt to her braided hair all pinned up and clean. This is my second installment of "break it down," and Ana is wearing the perfect outfit and is the most nonchalant fashionista I know. Her denim jacket is so fresh and crisp, and the collar pops in a natural way. Perfection...I also made her answer my questionnaire. Enjoy...xo, B

Occupation: Part-time baker

Hometown: Brooklyn

What are you wearing: Banana Republic dress, Gap denim jacket, Anne Klein shoes, Betsey Johnson necklace/belt, Marc Jacobs eyeglasses, Marc Jacobs chachki ring.

Fave Designer: don't have any favorites.

Must have article of clothing: Jeans

Fall/Winter Lust: Marc Jacobs Cartoon Paisley Cashmere Silk Scarf.... my bday is coming up

Last Purchase: This jacket

The funny part about this photo, is that there was another "streetwalker" type photo shoot going on with the girl and guy behind Ana...too bad I missed the action shot of them.

So chic

This was her payment for posing for my pics...girl loves her coffee, but more so plastic cups with a straw!

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