Friday, March 26, 2010

Dulce de Leche

So yes, I digress to moments of severe mindless convos sometimes, lol, and today was no different in my BBM chat with my bestie Te. We pondered over the nail color of choice for our next mani/pedi for about 15 min...we both have been having love affairs with taupes and reds...but now with the changing of seasons, it's hard to choose! I was scouring for a creamy beige, but not too taupe of a color...and then I stumbled upon this awesome blog Nail Fanatic, in which the blogger Gladys solely discusses nail colors. It's absolutely awesome, and this girl is talented at doing her nails, just check out her work in the pic above! Definitely check her out, this will be my new blog to follow...loves it! xo, B

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