Friday, March 26, 2010

Rouge COCO

Ever since my trip to Utah, I've been intrigued by podcasts, since Ahmed's cuz introduced me to them. I listen to everything from quirky stories of This American Life, to grammar questions debunked by Grammar Girl and one of my faves, Things You Should Know. And as I was looking for interesting podcasts, I stumbled upon a Chanel one regarding their new lipstick Rouge COCO. As I listened to it this morning, it featured the Creative Director of Chanel Makeup Peter Philips, discussing the brand's new lipstick and the reinvention of lipstick for today's everyday woman. It's true what he says, I like many other women have moved more away from lipstick to glosses or lip balm (my random personal fave being Bag Balm...perfect for the dry winter days, and it can be used to moisturize any part of your body!). I do remember more of an emphasis on lipstick when I was a kid...I always remember my mom being daring with dark shades of crimson and fuschias...and even back then people carried cases for their lipstick, wow it's been some time since I've seen one of those, lol.

So of course, after listening to Peter's podcast, I do want to focus more on my lips...and I will most likely be visiting a Chanel makeup counter soon! He makes a good point, your lips are a major part of your face that you use to interact with people, why wouldn't I want to display them to the best of my ability? So...not that I'm going straight to pick up Rouge COCO, because he also advised to take time and find the shade perfect for I lips will be dating around. xo, B

Chanel enlists one of the coolest French model/actress/singer Vanessa Paradis to be the face of their Rouge COCO her!

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