Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hawaiian Style

Continuing on from my ride from the airport, our second stop was Costco! It's not just any Costco, it's Costco done Hawaiian style. They have a ton of local foods you can't find at any other location on the mainland, like fresh sashimi "poke" salad, sushi, Hawaiian sweet bread and the list goes on! I have to admit we stopped by Costco four times during our trip! Picked up stuff to bring back, and kept buying poke salad, and they had local surf brand t-shirts for my boyfriend and bro for only $9.99...sweetness! Thought I'd share a few pics...xo, B

Can never have enough spam!

Manapua, which I grew up calling these pork buns until I moved to NY and went to dim sum which they are known as cha siu bao.

The trip to Costco wouldn't be complete without having a slice of pizza and a chickenbake!

Grandpa and me

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