Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beach Day

Thought I'd throw in some chill pics from my beach days in Hawaii. The pic above has my new hat I got to design at the Volcom cool, the front has a picture of a parrot that says "Volcom to Paradise," and there is a baby Volcom sign on the top of the hat too. The first few pics are from the local (less crowded) beach by my grandparents house. And the second set are from Waikiki beach by our hotel. There's a total difference in vibes between the beaches, but nothing compares to being surrounded by nature. xo, B

Blissed out

Waikiki beach...notice the influx in people...

Where's B?

The view looking up from my beach towel

Thought this guy was 80s...haven't seen one of these metal detector gadgets in so long!

A little WESTSIDE for you all

Awww, perfect way to end the day...drinks at our hotel bar to watch the sunset

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