Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Luke's Lobster

After a long day at work, Farida and I headed to dinner at the Redhead, which have had good reviews. As we walked over to dinner we passed by the recently opened Luke's Lobster. Tasting table did a posting about this place last month, and it was quite intriguing to hear that the lobster they serve has been caught the day before! So...since we were there, we decided to split a lobster roll as our appetizer, and it was worth it! The lobster comes in chunks, and melts in your mouth, and is perfectly complemented by the toasted bun. Some places the bun is overpowering, but the lobster to bun ratio was perfect! Lets just say, the lobster roll was way more impressive than our dinner at the Redhead (the Fried Chicken is really good, but I wouldn't go back just for that). Definitely check out Luke's Lobster, this small joint serves up crab and shrimp as well, in a speedy take-out spot with bar tables that fit a few people. It's a must have if you're a seafood lover. xo, B

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