Thursday, October 22, 2009

Moda Suki goes to Hawaii

Aloha...I finally made it, and my computer is finally working again...I've felt so disconnected this vacay, which has been so nice. As soon as I got to the airport last Friday, I instantly relaxed, the feeling of warmth and humidity is like a comfort I got used to growing up here. I spent my summers here with my Grandparents going to summer school and hanging out on the beach. I couldn't wait to hit up all my favorite spots, and as soon as my Grandpa picked my boyfriend Ahmed and me up from the airport, we were off! First stop...Aloha Tofu factory! Love it...B

Inside the factory

Trays of fresh Tofu and Nato

This tofu is so much better than anything I can find in melts in your mouth!

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