Thursday, October 15, 2009

Packing Frenzy

It's now 11:45pm, and my flight to Hawaii leaves at 7am, and I'm just finishing off my packing. I usually overpack and only wear like one coverup and a bathing suit the entire trip. So, it was my mission to pack efficiently and have tons of room so I can bring back lots of goodies. Well I somewhat stuck to the plan...Of course, I brought about 5 bathings suits (makes sense), two coverups, one pair of levis cutoffs shorts, two striped shirts, one chambrey button up, and a gym outfit. Shoe-wise I packed my Locals flip flops (which all the "locals" wear...and of course I have to blend in), my studded top shop sandals and a pair of Nikes for running and hiking up Diamond Head (the volcano). I found this pic of Rumi wearing her fave cutoffs and a striped shirt...and it was funny because that's exactly how I plan on wearing my cutoffs. Can't wait...xo, B

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