Sunday, October 25, 2009

Leonard's Malasadas

Malasadas...what can I say? You've been so good to me, I remember eating you as a small child, and driving to Leonard's to pick you up at night after dinner. Your hot crisp sugary outer texture was perfectly complemented by your inner doughy gooey-ness. The lady behind the counter would even recognize my brother when he would order them for us. Aww, and you still taste just as good even when I've grown up and can eat at least two of you now! You've even changed too, with your variety of fillings...chocolate, haupia (coconut), custard, & guava...and you even have li hing mui sprinkled on you. My how we've grown and changed...but I must say, I have a sweet spot for your original goodness. Some things never change...B

Starting top left to right, Chocolate filling, Haupia filling, Custard filling, Guava filling, bottom two are Original sugar malasadas. Malasadas are like a Portuguese doughnut, but better with a crispier outside.

Li Hing Mui Malasada

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