Thursday, December 24, 2009

California Eats...In-N-Out

After being delayed at JFK for my flight home to Orange County for two hours, I got off the plane with a grumbling in my tummy. And since it was after midnight, all I could think about was an In-N-Out burger. My brother diligently drove me to the Irvine In-N-Out to get my grub on with a #1, which consists of a Double-Double "animal style" (two all beef patties, hand leafed lettuce, tomato, special sauce, american cheese, onions raw and sauteed on a freshly baked bun), along with fries and a diet coke. Yes, heiffing it up is what I do best in California. Of course, some of my beef patty goes to share with the three dogs at home and my brother who eats what's left over. Boys are always good at "cleaning up." Well this is just the beginning to my trip...there will definitely be more food and shopping to come! xo, B

I was starving, and had to literally take the hamburger out of my mouth when I remembered to take this pic...notice the bite mark in the bun! lol

The can see the yummy sauteed onions...amazing! Obvi this is pure indulgence.

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