Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Think I'm Turning Japanese...

In preparation for the New Year, my mom and I went off to Costa Mesa to visit Marukai, the Japanese grocery store. We picked up ingredients for our traditional Japanese New Years day feast. Going to this store is like visiting old friends from my childhood...I totally reverted back and picked up some of my fave things pictured above. The Japanese are brilliant at packaging...and especially marketing to little kids...except the Japanese (of all ages) love the big cartoons and Hello Kitty characters, haha. I can't wait for my mom to cook this big beats cooking it myself back in NYC in a kitchen the fraction of the size. Comforted again by great eats and childhood memories...xo, B

I couldn't help but buy these cute little Hello Kitty chocolate cookie pies...again sucked in by the packaging...and to my surprise, they weren't very good. Oh well...I bought enough other stuff to replace them with.

Just discovered this amazing mayo a couple months ago at the burger joint, Stand...absolutely to die...and I had to leave it in the store, otherwise bad things could happen with this stuff! lol

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