Sunday, December 27, 2009

SCP Mania

The last part of my 6 hour shopping extravaganza ended with a Zara marathon. The mall was crazy and Zara was just as crazy or worse...there were more women there than in Gap or Bloomingdales. I may have spent an hour in Zara just dating my new pair of brown caramel suede tall boots, my black leather faux fur collared jacket and waiting in line to pay. I circled the five different mirrors in the womens section trying to get a good look at what would be my new purchases. I think half of shopping is getting caught up in the wasn't like my new pieces were exceptionally unique or cheap, but just that they were in my hand and mine. The mall was crazy...and the women were I ended up taking my new boots and jacket home, and I am a happy woman. I can't wait til both my boots and jacket are broken in and yummy! Til then, there are more places to shop and food to eat. Cheers! xo, B

My new the height!

Getting a pic of my jacket was difficult...I'm a bit picky on the angle of my pics, and I can't seem to give direction very well to my mom, bf, brother etc to take the pics... This was attempt #1

Attempt #2

Attempt #3

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