Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Chronic 2009

Thanks to my dad, I was reintroduced to Chronic Tacos for dinner the other night. The carnitas were so crispy and tender, I had to go back for seconds! I went for brunch this afternoon and got the carne asada taco, carnitas taco and a bean & cheese burrito. I stocked up for my afternoon snack as well, haha. The tacos were delish...the warm fresh corn tortillas are totally worth the trip to Chronic Tacos...and you can load your meal with whatever you want. I stuck with the basic on my tacos: meat, onions, cilantro, guac and hot sauce...the carne asada was actually my fave this time around. But, their beans are creamy, and make a good classic greasy bean & cheese burrito. I only took a few bites of the burrito, I'm saving it for later...but it was darn good! I love how the logo is so typical OC...stars and the writing in big block letters, graffitti style...aww this stuff makes me miss the OC. Over and out...xo, B

Looks a hot mess...but it is a party in your mouth! There's something about the smell of fresh hot corn reminds me of being a kid.

A meal is never complete in California without my fountain Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb...I don't really drink soda in NYC...but when I'm home, I revert back to my childish ways.

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