Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Taco Tuesday!

Taco Tuesday wha wha!? Headed over to Taco Mesa, fave Mexican joint in my old hood. I've never really had their tacos before tonight, but $1 a pop how could you go wrong! My usual is a blackened chicken burrito, wet...to die! But, since everybody's doing it...I decided to have three tacos: shredded beef, chicken and pork. They were all very homemade like, and my mom always likes to stack everything there with the cabbage, cilantro and onion like relish. There was a little too much tortilla for my taco, but they did it right on the shredded pork, which they put on the smaller and thinner corn tortillas. I will definitely be going back for my usual burrito before I leave this trip...I have dreams about that one when I'm back in NYC. But also my fave thing, is the salsa bar...my fave is the mild pulpy one with the perfect mesquite flavoring...and they also have this carrot, cabbage and onion mixture which is so good! Aww...I miss Taco Mesa just writing about it. Love it so...xo, B

Aww...typical Cali style...eveything is tagged up in stickers...love it! This is the side of their drink machine...but the whole restaurant is tagged too.

Best salsa ever!

And, one of the greatest things about being home are all the avocados...they are so tasty! My mom cut up a plate full for me as an accompaniment to my food!

This is not even half the amount of avocados my mom has in the fridge! lol

Just thought this was funny...typical mom fashion, my mom has a fruit bowl full of tomatoes! This woman is the healthiest person I know, all she snacks on are fruits, veggies and nuts!

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