Thursday, December 31, 2009

Taco Mesa pt 2

Ok trip to California is complete now...I went back to Taco Mesa for lunch and had THE blackened chicken breast burrito wet. It is seriously amazing, the chicken is seasoned perfectly and blackened on the outside to create the brilliant char-grilled taste. Of course I ordered the chips and salsa along with another Dr. Pepper. My tummy is happy! xo, B

My mom ordered the Mesa burrito, which is stuffed with grilled veggies. It was tasty too...but not like I could ever order that over my usual.

THE blackened chicken breast burrito, wet.

The innards of my burrito, and of course I had to pile on the cabbage, onion cilantro mix with carrots on the side...this is how I do it!

I have to say, their chips are pretty delish too...light cripsy texture, topped off with the perfect amount of salt...and my fave mesquite salsa.

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