Saturday, December 5, 2009


Wow...this week has flown by, and my cold was absolutely awful. Just when I thought I was getting better on Wednesday, I decided to hang out with Te and Farida and try Stand, a burger joint on 12th st b/w University and 5th ave. Food was good, but walking in the rain there without my umbrella just to break in my leather jacket was a bad idea! The next day was one of the worst days ever...I spent it in bed with the covers over my head. Anywho...the highlight of my night at Stand was the toasted marshmallow die! Rich and creamy and topped off with two toasted marshmallows perfectly browned on top. For dinner we decided to split french fries, onion rings and sweet potato fries, while I had the veggie burger, Te got the turkey burger and Farida got the mac n cheese. My burger was ok, it tasted a bit too much like the grill but Stand has Japanese mayo which made the burger a thousand times better. I was partial to the sweet potato fries, sweet and crispy, but the onion rings were lacking in onions, a bit too much batter. I would definitely go back just for the milkshake and sweet potato fries whenever I'm in need of some good old comfort food. Stand is a great place to indulge...good times with my girls...xo, B

My veggie burger, and it came with two frickles (fried pickles) on the side...those were pretty good! And you can order them as an appetizer.

Sweet potato fries

Turkey burger and frickles

Mac n cheese

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