Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thanks Santa

So I put in a request to Santa aka Mom, for this Free People Gianna coat for Christmas. It's a substitue for the Oak coat I wanted, since that is now sold out! I guess "you snooze you lose." At least this one is half the price, and it has the asymmetrical hem with knit sleeves and collar for added detail. I couldn't find a good picture online, but this one of Kate Hudson wearing it is pretty cute. Check out the Free People website for better pics. I even went into the FP Soho store to start courting the coat, but that place is so hard to concentrate. There are sequins and crochet galore...who knew this cool basic coat could be hidden in there! Oh yeah, and I also spotted this ring pictured E&J wannabe. Love love loves...thanks Mom! xo, B

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