Sunday, December 27, 2009

DSW Wha?

So I'm still contemplating these cool white patent Nikes I found at DSW...super cool, but I think they might be too similar to my white high top adidas. But, I was totally impressed by DSW's selection, they had Marc by MJ's full collection of Fall 2009 shoes and boots, and fabulous Gucci totes! I'm totally not a Gucci girl, but $400 for a large classic leather embossed Gucci logo bag...that's a bargain! Well...we'll see if I go back and get these Nikes, this was part of my 6 hour shopping trip, so I totally got distracted the other 5 1/2 hours of shopping. I still have a week a left...hopefully I slow my roll. xo, B

So fresh and so clean, clean!

Gucci...umm, loving the brown and silver! I was trying to search the web for an additional coupon to make these bad boys more of bargain price. I'm not usually a logo girl, but maybe the OC is rubbing off on me! haha

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