Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well, I guess you could say I'm somewhat obsessed with the MJ Carter collection with the studs. But, as I was BBMing my bestie Te today, she advised me that she had found MJ Carters at the Loehmanns in NYC. So, when I got to Loehmanns today, I darted straight for the bag section to find the charcoal grey Carter sitting there staring back at me. I picked it up like a long lost friend, and reminisced about the day he used to be mine. You see, he was mine, sort of...earlier this year, my Carter in charcoal grey was stolen off the back of my chair at some restaurant in NYC, with all my personal belongings. It was one of the most traumatic life experiences to when I saw Carter today, it brought me back to a time when I was more innocent. Anyways, he is part of my past, and I left him there at Loehmanns, but he will always be missed. RIP...xo, B

That's me with my Icee from Target...I was on a hunt to find Rodarte stuff...but everything was gone. I did buy the black lace camisole though, it will be a great layering piece.

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