Monday, September 28, 2009

Overheard at Uniqlo

Stopped at Uniqlo during lunch today to purchase a pink plaid flannel I've been eyeing for a while. As I waited in line to pay, there were three women in their 50s completely decked out in Chanel. I'm not talking one piece here, a bag there...I mean Chanel double breasted blazer, J12 white ceramic watches, Chanel boucle jacket, Chanel cowboy boots, Chanel flats (one in silver, one in patent white with the black toe), Chanel chiffon neck tie blouse, and three different Chanel bags amongst the three of them, and one of them being the brand NEW Chanel Coco Cocoon bag that just came out like last week! It was intense to be behind these women, I couldn't help but stare like a child. I even stayed a good distance behind them in line just to take in the full affect of their beings. One of them with the silver Chanel flats was in line loaded up with Uniqlo basics, while her friend in the cowboy boots kept swirling around the store picking up different sweaters and dresses and chatting to the other two about how cute everything was. The cowboy boots woman picked up a cream fleece and handed it to the silver flats woman to purchse it for her, and threw in another sweater a little later..."I'll just give you cash for it all," she exclaimed. These woman were bigger than "silver flats" checking out the pile in her hands decides that she likes the cream fleece her friend was getting, so she asked "cowboy boots" to grab her one in a small. "This will be perfect for walking the dog" "silver flats" explains. And right there, with that said, I completely understood her...Yes, it's pretty vain to be dressing up to walk the dog, but I am the same way. I take my dog out for walks after work, and we'll walk through the East Village, and sometimes I'll grab a snack at Momofuku Milk Bar, so it's not like I can look like a schlep in sweats. Even my new pink flannel is a total "dog walking outfit." Who knew, that I could relate to this Chanel clad woman...even though their outfits combined could pay for my apartment for a year! I love NYC, it's not everyday you can see and hear these types of things. lol...B

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