Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Part 1 of my Michigan trip...First stop, Zingerman's!!! Luckily my bestie from U of Michigan works for the famous Zingerman's, my absolute favorite sandwich shop ever...so she hooked us up with sandwiches rather than standing in the long line that wrapped around the deli...yes, it's that good! I have tried all the different delis around NYC, but this one takes the cake! And, speaking of dessert, their brownies are delish, moist and chewy in the middle with a flaky outside and I forgot to take a pic of before I ate them...oops. For lunch, I ordered a Reuben (Zingerman's corned beef, Switzerland Swiss cheese, sauerkraut & Russian dressing on grilled, hand-sliced Jewish rye bread) and I almost didn't get a picture of it since I hoovered the first half so fast! lol...but luckily I was able to remember halfway thru to snap this picture. The bread is so fresh and the perfect thickness to get the crispy toasted outside, but still have the soft inside.
But, they aren't only known for their great sandwiches, they are a gourmet shop that also sells fresh breads, desserts, coffees, cheeses, olives oils etc.
This is just their olive oil aisle...the variety is huge... it's like choosing a fine wine!
This is the lovely sample station, where the Zingerman's staff is more than happy to advise you of the different types of olive oils, vinegars or spreads that they have out to sample. And the service there is above and beyond, they are always looking to help! They are known for their service and even have seminars based on their management style. This place is definitely unique and worth the trip out to Michigan alone. luvs, B
I ended my meal, extremely excited about my iced coffee & cupcakes!

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