Sunday, September 13, 2009

Barneys Funland - FNO pt 3

Barneys was the last stop for FNO (Fashion's Night Out), and it was bustling uptown at 10pm. It was the craziest experience walking through Barneys and being able to touch and play with everything, while taking a ton of pictures. The sales people were pretty relaxed and non existent, it was like they didn't want to watch us play around with there usual stoic floors.

This woman's outfit was pretty sick...but, I'm bummed that I didn't get the shoes in the picture!

My fave blogger, Scott Shuman had his own window cool!

We walked by the Balmain section, absolutely to die! The zippered motorcycle pants were amazing!

Farida trying on the Louboutin lace boot...Ana and I had to live through her as we toured the shoe floor. She is the only one with a foot small enough to squeeze into all the shoe diplays.

Another Louboutin...

And another...

Giuseppe Zanotti display

My fave Miu Mius...been crushing all summer!

Bensoni coat...the moment Farida fell in love. (fringe vest not included)

Motorcycle chic

Ahhh Alaia

This OC girl is in heaven, fur and sequins all at once!

The End, B

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