Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Catching Up...

I went out to Michigan this weekend for a wedding, which I have some pics to post later of my visit. As I was catching up on all the different blogs and websites I usually visit daily, I came across this pic from Fashionista. Laruen Santo Domingo is picutred in French Vogue dripping in jewelry, and it is so over the top that I love everything about it! Jewelry has been such a growing obsession of mine for the past couple years...not fine diamonds or anything (but that wouldn't be bad either) but I'm loving statement pieces. And I'm jumping on the bandwagon with all the stacks of rings that are in style now. Rings on all the fingers...multiple rings on each finger...and rings that are the size of your finger...love love loves! Olsens Anonymous blog posted a collage a while back that was only of Mary Kate's rings, and then a good close-up of Ashley's rings...totally crushing on all of them. And I posted a picture of the rings I am dating but can't yet commit to from Iosselliani...Check it out...B

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