Friday, September 4, 2009

Who Doesn't Love Saturdays?

Completely stumbled upon this awesome coffee/surfshop called Saturdays...absolutely love! It is such a chill atmosphere with surfboards lining the walls and the coffee station set up in the middle of the shop. They have your essential surf goods, like wetsuits and bubble gum surf wax, but also have clothing like yummy plaid shirts and surf tees. I haven't seen a "real" surf shop like this since my days growing up back in Newport Beach. I had an iced soy latte which was good, but the outside lounge area makes this place completely off the hook! I enjoyed my latte seated outside surrounded by beautiful NYC buildings, and decorated with flowers, a vintage motorcycle and surfboards. This spot is located on Crosby between Broome and Grand, definitely go visit this place for some good coffee and don't forget to kick it in the backyard. Oh yeah, the guys that own this place are total hotties, check them out on daily candy's video feature of them here. loves...B

The view from the cool

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