Friday, September 4, 2009

Take a Looksie

After my visit to Saturdays (coffee shop), my bestie and I headed down to Opening Ceremony. OC is one of the most innovative boutiques in the city. They carry such a wide variety of established and up and coming designers, but are known for all their collaborative lines. Maui & Sons, Timex, Stetson, Nike and Chloe Sevigny are among the many that have graced this boutique. Luckily the Chloe Sevigny line is a fun on going collaboration that captures the 80s NYer with oversized button ups and floral printed dresses. The best part of this visit, is my newest purchase of a pink Timex for Opening Ceremony watch! I'm definitely a child of the 80s...xo, B

The packaging is amazing!

Loves it!

This was one of the coolest jewelry designers they had, Delfina Dellatrez (Fendi), she has awesome gothic/cutesy jewelry. And, she is related to Fendi, THE Italian luxury fashion house.

Seriously!? If I had these Doc Martens back in grade school I would have been the shizzzz

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