Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jewelry and Beer

I visited the massive TopShop store in Soho with my friend Farida. It's easy to get caught up in that store with the four floors to look through and music blaring to keep you in a shopping trance. So almost two hours later, Farida and I stumbled out of there with 6 rings and a pair of shoes between the two of us. After all the shopping, we ended up at Broome St Bar for a couple beers...lovely chill neighborhood bar that serves the best raspberry malt Belgian beer, Lambic Framboise. It's my new fave, you must try it! xo, B

The shoe display at TopShop

Sorry for the heinous pic, looks like we're underwater. These were the two shoes Farida was deciding between...she ended up with the chain platform sling back on the left.

My collection of rings I purchased, definitely check out the mens section for the best accessoiries. The Indian and skull rings are from there.

Modeling a couple rings

Perfect way to end the night...


  1. Two hours at TopShop! Good thing I went home!!!

  2. took me an hour and a half to decide on the shoes...