Monday, September 14, 2009

Gaga for MJ

Since I was unable to attend the MJ fashion show this year, I was itching for an update tonight on what went down. Since the news leaked that Lady Gaga would be in attendance at MJ's show, I have been whining a bit everyday. She is one of the most refreshing, weird and entertaining musicians out there! Just seeing all her VMA outfits last night was hilariously awesome! Anyways, Gaga made it to the show late, and stole a bit of MJ's thunder as all the flashbulbs went off in her direction, as blogged by Fashionista...but lets face it, MJ can hold his own. And how amazing is it to see Madonna with Lady Gaga, it's like pop stardom has come full circle. Can't wait to see pics of the full collection in a few hours when I wake up! xo, B

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