Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Had a great lunch at Emporio, a low key Nolita restaurant on Mott between Spring and Prince, serving great thin crust pizzas and traditional Italian food. The decor is rustic and romantic, but the wow factor of this place is the great overhead view. They have a glass ceiling in the back of the restaurant that makes for a relaxing atmosphere at night to gaze up at the stars over wine and a slice of gourmet pizza. I've been here a few times and it never disappoints, make sure to try this place out for a quiet lunch or romantic dinner...great for people watching in the evening. xo, B

Awesome view above

San marzano, buffalo mozzarella, basil pizza

Sausage, sweet onions, mushrooms, buffalo mozarella pizza

A slice of my four cheese pizza (gorgonzola, stracchino, buffalo mozzarella, scamorza)...couldn't help but take a bite!

Great relaxing atmosphere

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