Sunday, September 20, 2009


MacBar just opened up around the corner from my work on Prince and Lafayette, which is also a part of the restaurant Delicatessan, they share the same kitchen. So of course I went to go try their mac n' cheese the day it opened...I have to admit, we went Thursday and Friday, since my first meal of Lobster mac n' cheese was so delicious! Super creamy, with chunks of lobster that melt in your mouth, and topped with chives and a crispy top layer of cheese. I would definitely recommend the small size, it is filling, and heavy...and it's not that cheap at $9. The next day I split a medium size of the Margarita (pizza) mac n' cheese, which was good, but it tasted exactly like a pizza, which I would rather just have a slice of instead. And the medium size came in this cute orange macaroni noodle shaped container. My other coworkers tried the cheeseburger mac, which I was not a fan of, and the four cheese mac which was incredible. The four cheese which consisted of queso blanco, fontina, emmental and gouda is tied for #1 with the Lobster mac. Definitely worth a try...B

The packaging is cute and clean, and the fork and knife are interlocking, clever.

Lobster Mac

Macaroni noodle container

Margarita Mac n Cheese

Four Cheese Mac n Cheese

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