Friday, September 25, 2009

Coco before CHANEL

I went to see the movie Coco before Chanel tonight. It is a good biography, that demonstrates Coco Chanel's eye for construction and simplicity. But I wish we could have seen more reaction from other women as Coco found herself experimenting in tailored menswear. You get the sense that her character doesn't need to be accepted and follow in the latest fashions of the early 1900s in France, but I wish it was shown more as controversial. The movie is supposed to portray Coco, the girl before the Chanel empire, but Coco still is the reason behind women's sportswear, and I wish they could have ended on a stronger note. I was completely inspired by Coco, she is a character that goes against the grain, and resonates how one needs to find their own path, voice and individuality. In a way, she was a feminist...a woman before her the time women did not work for was triumphant. Audrey Tautou plays an elegant Coco, and was breath taking in everything she wore, even the men's striped sailor shirt. If fashion is intriguing to you, this is a must see. Everything is in the details...B

Ironically I bought two striped shirts earlier that day...crazy how Coco's style still resonates to this day.

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