Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No Me Gusta

I got my October issue of Elle mag today, and flipped through it immediately. I had seen some of the pictures of Posh online and they were amazing, and was also pleased to see a spread of the beautiful actress Diane Kruger. Then all of a sudden Amber Rose's spread as styled by Kanye West stopped me dead in my flipping. Seriously...maybe I'm still annoyed by Kanye's stunt at the VMAs (interuppting Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech to take over the mic and say Beyonce deserved the award), but I don't care for Amber Rose (Kanye's girlfriend and aspiring sunglass designer), and don't want to see a half naked woman styled for a male's eye than for the beauty in fashion. No me gusta...B

Wanted to include a few of the other beautiful fashion spreads in Elle...Posh looking larger than life!

Sexy Diane Kruger

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